Crudha Dubh Béal Bán

Yoshi is our latest dog and he lives at home with the rest of us in the family.

Dubh Béal Bán are gaelic and meens Black Sweet Talk.

Shown as puppy 4-6 months at Terrierderby 2017 and at SSBTK Vinterspecial 2018 at puppy 6-9 months with BOS both times.

BOB-puppy at Östsvenska Terrierklubbens springshow 2018!

D.O.B: 19 Juli 2017 at Crudha Staffords in Skåne.


A: YW'16 Dutch Youth Ch'16 Jacobeaus VIva La Vida

U: Rioghail Cearban Feoir

L2-HGA & HC: Clear By Parents